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Is becoming MBE or WBE certified worthwhile in Maryland?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2024 | Business & Commercial

Formulating, building and operating a business successfully in Maryland is complicated. Regardless of the products or services the business provides, it can be hard to gain a foothold from the start. Between financing, advertising, purchasing materials and adhering to often arcane laws, there are myriad obstacles. Any advantage can be helpful.

For minority owned businesses and women owned businesses, the state has MBE and WBE certifications that can be helpful in advancing toward their goals. MBE stands for Minority Business Enterprise and WBE for Women’s Business Enterprise. Knowing how this certification can be beneficial is imperative.

Understanding MBE and WBE certification

With these certifications, the businesses are automatically distinguished from other businesses that are not in this category and they can derive benefit from it. When seeking state contracts, MBE certified businesses might have an advantage as they can be hired so minority participation objectives will be met. This is in addition to other positives the business might have such as experience in the job, a history of positive reviews, lower prices and quality work.

Also, there is an online directory that will list MBE certified businesses making it easier for customers to find them and providing them with advertising based solely on being certified. The public and private sector use this directory, so it opens the door to new business opportunities that can advance the business and result in word of mouth referrals.

Know how to pursue options to enhance a business

There is no guarantee that a business seeking certification will receive it. This, like any other area of business law, needs to be fully understood to maximize the benefits and opportunity to succeed.

Whether it is seeking certification, gaining financing, receiving licenses, understanding how to resolve disputes, crafting contracts, dealing with taxes and fees and any other area of business, it is wise to know the ins and outs from the start. Having experienced advice can make a major difference in achieving goals and objectives.